A Thoughtful “Sign” Art Project Using Scrap Material DIY

This DIY scrap material sign project is such a beautiful idea.  The word that is important in our family is believe.  If you are making this as a gift the recipients last name would be nice.  You can use fabric from a wedding dress, prom dress or some other item that has special memories.  Thanks to Average But Inspired for the project idea.

I chose to create this adorable braided fabric scrap sign with some leftover fabric that my kids tie-dyed a few weeks ago!

This cute braided fabric scrap sign is already hanging in a gallery wall that I’ve been working on (for almost a YEAR!).  It is the perfect addition to the wall and is giving me a push to finally finish up that never-ending project!  More on that soon, I hope!

Supplies Needed to Make a Braided Fabric Scrap Sign

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Images from Average But Inspired.

For full instructions visit Average But Inspired.


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