Adorable Wire Heart Rings For Those You Love DIY

I love making jewelry so these sweet little wire heart rings tugged at my heart strings šŸ™‚ .Ā  They are so simple and quick to make that you can knock out a few in a half hour.Ā  I think they will make a perfect gift for my girlfriends.Ā  Thanks to My Pinterventures for the cute idea.

I donā€™t wear a lot of jewelry, but I love rings. Thereā€™s just something about looking down at your fingers and seeing something pretty that just makes me smile.

While perusing Pinterest, I came across a plethora of wired rings and fell in love with pretty much everything. However, since Valentineā€™s Day is coming up, I decided toĀ try to make a ring with a heart theme.

I tried making several Valentineā€™s Day themed rings and finally settled on a double heart ring. I like this simple design because the ring is finished by wrapping the ends of the wire around the shank, which helpsĀ to make the ring sturdier.


  • 18 gauge wire

  • flat nose pliers

  • round nose pliers

  • wire cutter

  • ring mandrel (largeĀ pen or lipstick tube)

  • ruler


Images from My Pinterventures.

For the full instructions visit My Pinterventures.

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