Celebrate Spring with Mason Jar Vases

You all know that mason jar projects catch my eye. So it should be no surprise that I like this one! Instead of paint, these use cute fabrics glued to the inside of the jar.

Obviously you won’t be able to put liquids in them, so using them as a vase with water is out, unless you can put a small container with water down in the jar for your flowers to go into. Otherwise, fake flowers look quite pretty in them.

Just think, you can make these for any season – 4th of July,, Halloween, Christmas – it’s all in the fabric. Your vases will only be as cute or pretty as the fabric you choose. Small colorful prints like these look the best because they’re more forgiving for the pattern overlap.

mason jar vases- DIYscoop.com

These are small jars made to be votives, with battery operated tea-lights in them. Project and image source for the votives can be found on FellowFellow.

Mason jar vase images and project with a full tutorial are on Dwelling in Happiness.





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