[Video] HomeMade Giant Bubbles

With the weekend coming and the weather getting nice outside (in most places), this the the perfect time to get outside and play with giant bubbles! Whether you have kids or not, this is downright fun and addicting. It’s a wonderful way to be carefree and act like a kid again!

Bubbles, especially the really large ones, have a beautiful shimmery colorful sheen to them and it becomes a challenge to see how large you can get each bubble to grow. Kids love them but adults can enjoy them just as much.

24 oz Dishwashing Liquid
1 Tbsp J-Lube (The most important part for giant bubbles) – can be found on Amazon
3 gallong water
3 Tbsp Baking powder

The fishing poles come in four sections, but I removed the last section because it was too flimsy to support the heavy wet rope. The tri string loop is attached to the end of the third section of each pole. As shown in the video, I use carabiners as an easy way of taking loops on and off, though a loop could just as easily be taped directly to the pole.

The rope I use for my tri string loop is 100% cotton clothes line with the core removed as demonstrated. Removing the core allows the rope to absorb significantly more bubble mix which allows much larger bubbles to be made.

You can get information on making your own tri-string wands can be made with sticks and other objects. Fishing poles aren’t required.
Happy Holligans uses a different bubble solution that works well with her kids, and she shows how to put together simple wands for younger ones.

Project source: Instructables

Source of images in the featured image: InstructablesHappy Holligans


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