Delicious Roasted Brussels Sprouts With Garlic and Balsamic Vinegar DIY

I have to be honest.  I wasn’t a Brussels sprouts fan until a few years ago.  I guess I grew into it.  Now I order them all the time but I have yet to make them myself.  This DIY recipe with garlic and balsamic vinegar sounds amazing.  Or just roast them with EVOO, salt and pepper.  Thanks to NY Times for the recipe.

If you haven’t yet figured out a go-to recipe for brussels sprouts, this simple dish is the answer. It results in sweet caramelized brussels sprouts that will make a believer out of anyone.

Featured in: The Minimalist; Ever So Humble, Cast Iron Outshines The Fancy Pans.


Images from NY Times.

For the entire recipe visit NY Times.

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