DIY Small Storage Shed Projects

Most of us collect things and especially if you like to work on DIY projects, you don’t like to throw things away because, hey – I might need that one day! The problem is where to keep and store everything. Having a storage shed can be the answer for that dilemna and being able to build one yourself, well that is┬ádefinitely something we like to do.

You don’t need to settle for any old boring shed, though, when there are some really cute shed ideas and projects available. The good news is that for most of these, you don’t need much yard space. Some are a little large, some are quite small. Some of these are just ideas, and some are projects with a tutorial so you can make them yourself.

Either way, have fun looking through this list of ideas for storage sheds as you decide what your next project will be. Kathy Woodard at Decorating Your Small Space put this great list together.

Image Source and Shed ideas and projects can be seen at Decorating Your Small Space.

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