12 Amazing Small Space Herb Garden Ideas

Cooking a meal at home is always better when you have fresh herbs on hand to use for flavor. But what if you’re like me and feel overwhelmed by the idea of having to plant and tend a¬†garden, whether it’s herbs or veggies?

With these 12 different ideas for growing your own herbs and having them on hand, there is no longer any reason to do without. And none of these ideas require a large garden or gardening space. Most are quite simple projects to set up that anyone can do.

Some projects are for indoors and some are for outside. If you want plants available indoors they will need to have access to enough sunlight or else be rotated regularly.

My mouth is watering just thinking of fresh basil, rosemary, thyme, and mint. So let’s get started! To see all 12 herb gardens you can grow in practically no space, go to DiyCraft&HomeIdeas.

Image sources: CamilleStyles, UrbanZealPlanters, and MarthaStewart.






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