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“Drawing” With Thread To Create A Beautiful Art Piece DIY

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This DIY thread drawing makes for an interesting work of art.  You can make this simple or more intricate.  It can be personal, for example, it could be a simple outline of a loved one’s profile.  The same idea can be used but with more detail.  The choice is yours.  Thanks to Running with Scissors for the neat idea.

For a few more details of the family tree thread drawing if you’re interested:
Here’s the frame I got at the thrift store.  It’s solid wood and heavy, so I thought better for it to sit than to hang anywhere.
So I cleaned up the frame, and cut scraps of linen fabric the size of the opening.
I starched it to be a little stiffer, then got ready to sew/draw.

I wanted my family tree to be more fantasy like than a normal tree.  I had looked at this painting  but I thought it might look a little too– scrapbooky is what I’d call it.  I had noticed really cool curved tree branches when I recently watched Tim Burton’s Alice In Wonderland, and really like them.

So I thought I’d combine my ideas.

For further instructions visit Running with Scissors.

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