Great Non-Slip Hangers DIY

We all have those top that will not stay on a hanger no matter how hard we try.  This DIY project using an old t-shirt is perfect for that problem.  Make your own non-slip hangers that are quick, easy and inexpensive.  I know which blouses in my closet will benefit from this idea.  Thanks to Home-Ology Modern Vintage for the project.

I love to create practical and pretty items from things on hand. These decorative no-slip clothes hangers are one of those things. Made with discarded tee shirts and plastic clothes hangers, this is a fun project most anyone can do.

Most of us have a collection of plastic clothes hangers we’ve regretfully purchased on a whim. We quickly learn how impractical they are once we find our clothes on the floor more often than we find them on the hanger. And the clothes that do manage to stay put tend to stretch out disproportionally over time. But instead of tossing them into the landfill, let’s create a set of hangers that are practical and pretty.


  • Tee Shirt Yarn (see instructions here) or other yarn/thread

  • Plastic Clothes Hangers (I used all white)


Image from Home-Ology Modern Vintage.

For the full instructions visit Home-Ology Modern Vintage.

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