[Video] How to Make Metallic Foiled Easter Eggs

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Easter’s only a few days away so it’s time to color and decorate some eggs. Now you can stick to the typical kits you buy in the store, and some of them make pretty eggs. But if you want beautiful, unique eggs that really sparkle, then you’re going to want to make some foiled eggs. These eggs are great for decorating and just to enjoy looking at because they’re so pretty. You may want to blow the egg out from inside the shell and then you can save these to use year after year.

They’re easier to make than you might think. To make you will need

  • Dyed hard boiled or blown eggs
  • Transfer adhesive
  • Small brush
  • Copper and/or Gold Leaf


  1. For a mottled finish, brush a very small amount of transfer adhesive sparingly onto shell. Let dry 25 minutes. (For fully gilded eggs, brush adhesive all over.)
  2. Press metallic leaf against egg, shiny side down; burnish with fingertips. Peel away paper backing.
  3. For a mottled finish, go over foiled egg with a dry stencil brush; bristles will remove a bit of leaf. (For fully gilded eggs, leave as is.)

That’s it! You should be able to buy the adhesive and metallic leaf at craft stores. If you’d like to order online then they are available by Martha Stewart.

Here’s a video showing eggs being made.

Project and Image Source: Martha Stewart



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