DIY Gorgeous Antique Clock Table

This DIY project is a beautiful way to make over a boring night or end table.  Turn it into an antique looking clock.  If the table is square go ahead and leave it as it is.  Not all clocks are round.  It’s a great way to add some character to a room.  Thanks to Scavenger Chic for the idea.

Last August I went with my sisters and my youngest son, Nathan, and we attempted to conquer the Route 11 Yard Crawl.  We made it through about 25 miles of the 40 mile yard sale before it was quitting time. It was during that trip that Nathan bought a dartboard  for $1 and the bottom of this table for $5.  His first thought was to attach the dartboard to the table and make a  really cool and unique table.   Well, time passed, and he eventually decided to use the dartboard as a dartboard, and in October, he made a really cool dart board cabinet out of scrap wood and corrugated tin.

Well, the dartboard cabinet turned out great but the table has been sitting in my workshop ever since just calling out to me. “Joan, you know you want to give me a makeover.”  You know,  I really did! But it wasn’t until I saw this table round in Home Depot  for $6.88, that I formed a plan.  I bought the table round and got the go ahead from Nathan. For some reason he was all for me doing the work.

Before I began with the finish to my table I sanded down the round top purchased from Home Depot. I wanted a little layered aged look to my  (Nathan’s) table so the first thing I had to do was start layering.  First, a coat of American Walnut stain to just the table top.



Images from Scavenger Chic.

For the full instructions visit Scavenger Chic.

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