Make Your Kitchen Cute and Save Counter Space At The Same Time DIY

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I love this idea (you would too if you could see my kitchen)!  Rods and hooks are used in such a clever way that your counter top will become a larger work station.  This DIY project is easy and can be inexpensive.  Some vines or flowers would look lovely wrapped around the rod.  Thanks to for the great idea.

If you are looking for some space-saving and organization tricks for your kitchen, you might find yourself limited by the amount of cabinetry you have available. Create even more storage with the help of a hanging rod with hooks and baskets. Keeping your countertops clean and clutter-free is easy to do with a system like this. The entire project was purchased at IKEA and is part of the Fintorp series. To keep yourself organized, assign each basket a specific purpose. My baskets contain household items, such as sugar, coffee, oil for cooking, salt, pepper, etc. The caddies hold chargers and respective cell phones while charging overnight. If an item does not fit in the baskets or caddies, it is not allowed on the counter.

I purchased four of the rails in black as well as four wire baskets and two caddies. After laying it all out on the counter, the entire rail system measured 7.5 feet. Each rail can lock into the next rail, so you can create the look of one seamless wall organizer.


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