Lemon Lime Basil Cookies?! A Great DIY Recipe

Unique cookie recipe #3.  This lemon lime basil cookie sounds so crazy it has to be fabulous.  I like how this DIY recipe combines the sour from the citrus and the sweet butter flavor.  The basil just gives your taste buds and extra treat.  I would also like to try these with rosemary.  Thanks to Chasing Delicious for the recipe.

Trees stand still. Leaves barely dance in the almost absent wind as it lingers and loiters under the hot white rays of the sun. Blades of grass stretch and reach ever higher, itching to scrape the calm blue sky. Delicate flowers wilt, begging for an ounce of water to satisfy their parched petals. The calm morning air, filled with the songs of lonely birds and insects, is only disturbed by the monstrosity that is my decades old lawn mower roaring to life . I strain and grunt as I sledge the resistant machine to fight its rusty wheels; she cadges, hoping to sink forever into the tall, unkempt grass. Beautiful, sky-high blades meet their death with a swift decapitation and seek their revenge as they swarm my allergy-laden nose.

I run my hand over my red forehead, squeegeeing the puddles of dirty sweat planning an attack on my itchy eyes.  I dodge rouge rocks and ant piles, aware of the firestorm both can bring as they meet the whirling blades of my monster. I soon slip on my motorized, gas fueled backpack and take aim at the rivers of grass, dirt and leaves littering my driveway coercing them with manmade wind into beautiful, manageable piles. I flap a black bag open and scoop the unwanted bits of my now-perfect yard away from prying neighborly eyes. Gulps of water satiate my thirst; small moments of pause and reflection allow me to admire my handy work. I once again take my rightful place as alpha-dog of the neighborhood, my greenest of the green grass now more manicured than any other house around me. The beautiful smell of freshly cut grass emanates from my house like a beacon reminding my neighbors, I have won this round of the incessant domestic, househusband wars.

Then the fragrance of basil slowly wafts its way to me as pride swells my head; my curious nose follows the trail of aromatic crumbs. I kneel down to a collection of basil plants limping in the blinding heat. A lone branch once laying, growing delicately towards the grass is chopped, diced and torn to shreds, another victim of my roving mower. One small branch on one small basil plant of a dozen scattered about my yard. The loss doesn’t bother me. My nose now drowning in the beautiful, perfect smell of basil directs my mind to replay so many delicious memories of basil. A titillated smile pierces my lips. I carefully prune a few branches from my thai basil plant with my finger nails and carry the bouquet inside with me, giving it a reprieve from the heat.

Baked cookies OH

Images from Chasing Delicious.

For the entire recipe visit Chasing Delicious.

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