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[Video] How to Make Your Balcony or Deck Private

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If you’re one of thousands of people who live in an apartment or condo that has a small balcony outside, then you know what it’s like to not have any privacy when using it. Many buildings have multiple balconies so unless you have a way to make yours more private where people can’t see in, then you sort of feel like you’re on display and open for everyone to see and hear what you’re doing. Maybe that’s why many people only use their balcony for storage and rarely venture out to use it for relaxing.

Well here’s a way to turn your balcony into a more private oasis so you can fully enjoy it without wondering who’s watching. You can make your own privacy panels that make it virtually impossible for anyone to see in, and yet it lets light and air in. The main cost is the lumber so you might even look for large pallets to see if the wood will be long enough.

This project started with a plain concrete balcony with metal sides, just like every other balcony. This tutorial adds in a bench and padding for one section of the wall so you can sit and lean back comfortably.

Here’s a video that shows the process, provided by Engineer Your Space.

Keep reading to see a step-by-step guide for building your own.

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