7 Creative Solutions for Storing a Bike

For those who live in smaller housing without the luxury of a lot of storage space, it becomes a problem to know where to put your bicycle so that it’s accessible and yet out of the way. Whether you bike to commute or for pleasure, a great many households own bikes, so this is a common problem. Even if you have a garage you may find it taken over with “stuff”.

We want to show you some creative solutions and ways that you can store your bike. Some of these are things you can buy, although if you’re handy with tools, they can be very easily made. Most are projects you can do yourself because buying a bike rack can get costly. So let’s get started.

1. Bike Shelf










This one is an item that can be purchased at Knife and Saw, but a DIYer handy with wood should be able to build one that does the same thing, although it may not look as nice!

2. Hanging Bike Rack

















This storage solution is best for multiple bikes. It uses a shelf with heavy duty shelf supports, velcro straps, and an iron or lead pipe. Shawn McAfee, who made the storage shelf above, shows exactly how to do it in this video. According to Shawn, it costs about $60 for the materials to put this together.

The video also has instructions for the next bike storage idea, both of which areĀ on the next page.

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