Make a Centerpiece With Just PVC Pipe and Gold Spray Paint

When you realize what this centerpiece is made of, it’s astounding that it’s nothing more than PVC pipe painted with gold spray paint. It looks really classy and different. Gold spray paint can dress up just about anything.

Even if you’re not entertaining this is a really nice centerpiece to fill either with fresh flowers from your garden, or buy a few flowers now and then to enjoy. All that’s needed is PVC pipe, a hand saw to cut it, and gold spray paint, preferably metallic.

It’s recommended to use a miter box so that you can be sure your cuts are straight. You can also do an angled cut so that the tallest part is at the back side of the “vase”. Don’t make all your pipe the same. Use some 1-inch and some 2-inch wide PVC, and cut them in different lengths. That way you end up with a visually appealing mix.

Project and Image source: eHow.

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