Make Delightful Pierogies From Leftover Mashed Potatoes DIY

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You still have leftovers from Thanksgiving?  Well, I’ve got a treat for you.  This DIY recipe uses your extra mashed potatoes as filling.  We also had a discussion in our family as to what else would be tasty as filling.  All answers came to cream cheese with something sweet (preserves, cinnamon sugar).  Thanks to All Recipes for the recipe.

“This recipe has been a family favorite passed on from generation to generation. We traditionally make these for Christmas, but they can be made for any special event. There’s some work involved, but the outcome is rewarding! After the perogies have boiled, they can be fried in some butter and onions or served with sour cream.”


Images from All Recipes.

For the entire recipe visit All Recipes.

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