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Remember That Beach Vacation With DIY Shell Windchimes

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What a great way to remember that relaxing summer vacation on the beach.  I made this DIY shell windchime project a few years ago.  For the base of the windchimes I used a piece of driftwood that I found along with the shells.  This was a gift to my mom and she now has it hanging in her living room.  Arsty Chicks Rule provides easy instructions on this project.Living by the coast, I always have an abundance of shells.

Ones that I’ve picked up at the beach or those I’ve bought at the store.

So, if you don’t live by the beach…no worries! You can find them just about everywhere.

A couple of weeks ago I decided to create a seashell wind chime for my screened back porch.
I’d never made one before but figured it was pretty simple.
And it was.


Featured image from Artsy Chicks Rule.

Second image from Thomas Galvez.

For further details go to Artsy Chicks Rule.

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