Take A Wooden Spoon From Boring To Beautiful DIY

Wooden spoons and cutting boards don’t have to look utilitarian.  Why not give them some character?  This DIY project uses a wood burning tool to create the designs.  The wooden items can have a themed design or each can be unique.  Wooden spoons are inexpensive so if you make a mistake just try again.  Thanks to The Nest for the idea.

Confession: We are having a total love affair with our brand new wood burning tool. We’ll take you through the basics of using a wood burning tool. It couldn’t be simpler — don’t be surprised if you end up with a lot of custom cutting boards, wooden spoons and more after you see just how easy it is.

What You’ll Need:

  • Wood burning pen
  • Wood burning tips
  • Wood burning alphabet bits
  • Wood objects
  • Wood practice board

1. Let your wood burning tool heat up.

2. Try out each of your bits on a wood practice board. To switch bit attachments, turn off your burning tool and let it cool down completely before unscrewing and replacing bits.

3. Plan your design in pencil on the board if you like.


Images from The Nest.

For the full instructions visit The Nest.


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