Use A Beautiful Window Frame To Display A Photograph DIY

This DIY window frame is such an unique and gorgeous way to display a photograph.  You can go as large or small as you want.  A landscape photograph will give the illusion of a looking out the window.  I would love to see the beach everyday.  Thanks to Domestically Speaking for the wonderful idea.

Super cute, right!!

My brother works in construction and lately has been replacing lots of windows… yeah for me!

I had pinned this great tutorial by Sugar Bee Crafts on how to create a giant picture for cheap. While looking at the pile of windows it hit me… how cute to combine the two!

The window was in great shape and the perfect size for this project.  So I scored the window for FREE!

Now to make the rest for cheap.  The trick… I went to Staples and had a Engineering Print made for less than $4, with tax!  Cool, right.  Engineering prints are black and white (I already had the perfect black and white photo from our Christmas card) and they are printed on paper.  I picked the 24” x 36” size to have printed ~ crazy big for less than $4!  It was a little larger than the size of the window, so I figured that in my sizing when I uploaded the image. (You can stretch or shrink your image on Staples’ site)



Images from Domestically Speaking.

For the full instructions visit Domestically Speaking.

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