Wonderfully Soothing Bath Salts For A Cold DIY

It seems like it’s always cold and flu season.  This DIY bath salts recipe is great for taking a nice toasty bath.  The heat from the water will activate vapors into the air to help loosen up that nasty congestion.  Thanks to Mom 4 Real for the great feel good project.

Winter is here, and it has hit me kind of hard. It’s not even that cold, but I have already had my first cold virus, and this one was a doozy to say the least. For three days I felt weak and really congested, and now 3 weeks later I still have a bit of a cough and some chest tightness. While I feel pretty good, the congestion can be a real pain. When I felt the sickness coming on, I immediately made a batch of my favorite DIY Congestion Relief Bath Salts. When I am not feeling well, a hot bath is sometimes the only thing that can make me feel better, and the addition of these bath salts really give me relief. I take a hot bath using these vapor relief bath salts right before bed to help my body relax and open up my nose and chest. They are a real life saver!


Images from Mom 4 Real.

For the full recipe visit Mom 4 Real.

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