30+ Ingenious Tips & Tricks For Your Garden

If you do any gardening at all you will welcome this list of clever ideas to help make your gardening easier. Some of them are true garden hacks, others are ways to be more efficient and cost-effective.

The list includes a natural way to combat aphids and other pests, how to save on soil and make your pots lighter, and how to plant tomatoes to give them a stronger root system. How to help the soil in your flower pots and baskets stay moist longer, and the best way to plant bulbs. All this and much more.

Take a look and see what you can use to make your gardening and your life better this year!

Tipnut put this list together and the nice thing is, they keep adding to the list! So you may want to keep checking back to their site for new tips.

30+ Ingenious Tips & Tricks For Your Garden

Image sources: Better Homes and Gardens, Flickr, Oregon Live


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