An Adorable Leprechaun Hat That’s Fun For Kids And Adults Alike DIY

This cute little Leprechaun hat is a must do for St. Patrick’s Day.  It’s creative, fun and easy to make.  Rhinestones can be added to really make the hat sparkle.  Or maybe a few four leaf clovers from the leftover felt.  This had can be attached to a headband or a hair comb.  Thanks to Laughing and Losing It for the cool idea.

DIY Leprechaun Hat

I love these little hats, they are adorable!  So I went to the drawing board (and my garage) to create one on my own.

Totally Customizable

This DIY Leprechaun hat can be created to fit any size–make the little one-like we have here, or a big one.  But what do I use to find a good circle shape? Things around the house!  A bowl, a bigger bowl, or print a circle template found through google.  Sky’s the limit with this craft!


  1. Heavy cardboard – shipping box cardboard
  2. Box cutter (my favorite tool for cutting heavy cardboard)
  3. Light cardboard–soda box or cereal cardboard
  4. Green felt in whatever shade you like
  5. Black felt
  6. Gold ribbon
  7. Wire or elastic (depending on how you’d like it to stay on your head)
  8. Hot glue
  9. A hair comb (not a brush–the combs you attach to a hair accessory)


Create your shape


Find a Cylinder

If you have a Pringles Potato chip can or an oatmeal can, you’ll have the shape for your hat.  I didn’t have these, and if you’re like me follow the next steps.

If you don’t have a cylinder handy

Use a circular object to trace the top of your hat onto the thin cardboard.  Then, take a strip of that same cardboard and lay it perpendicular over the circle you traced–basically you’re curling the cardboard strip and making a cylinder to match your initial circle.  When you are satisfied with the shape of the cylinder, staple the two ends together.  (Oh and don’t forget to cut out your circle!)


Images from Laughing and Losing It.

For the full instructions visit Laughing and Losing It.

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