Cool Plants In Copper And Cement DIY

I’m not great with live vegetation in my home.  This DIY copper and cement make fake flowers look interesting.  Any metallic finish will look gorgeous with this project.  Mixing metals works as well.  It will be fun imagining what plants will be perfect to use.  Thanks to Lia Griffith for the idea.

Copper and concrete are two big trends that I am loving in design these days. I feel like I see them everywhere! More and more trendy restaurants are incorporating concrete floors or accent walls into their decor, and trendy clothing and home decor shops are showcasing copper jewelry and home goods. As you may know, I have loved the opportunity to play around with designing DIY copper necklaces. And concrete is a trend that I had even incorporated into my home decor a couple of years ago when I updated my kitchen counter tops. After thinking about how I could combine the two trends for the ultimate home decor project, I came up with making DIY concrete planters displaying copper succulents. Thanks to Michaels, this vision became a reality! These copper succulents in DIY concrete planters are a fabulous way to refresh your home decor for spring, and they are so easy to make!

I started by ordering some concrete off Amazon. The only materials you will need for mixing your concrete are water, paper cups, and a plastic utensil. So simple! I found these copper succulents as a part of Michaels new Floral Market, which includes 500 other new floral products to choose from!


Images from Lia Griffith.

For the full instructions visit Lia Griffith.

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