Add Humor To Your Laundry Room With A Clever DIY Change Basket

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I can’t help it.  This project completely made me laugh out loud!  A DIY change basket for you laundry room is a functionally fantastic and hilarious idea.  If you prefer not to use a chalkboard that’s OK.  Use a piece of scrap wood and some paint or markers.  Thanks to Tried & True for the idea.

I’m going to be honest with you guys…I hate doing laundry. I mean, does anyone really like laundry? Since it obviously has to be done, might as well focus on the positive things like the gorgeous new scents of method and being able to collect all the spare change from everyone’s pockets. It really is about the simple joys in life!

Looking for another way to update the laundry room? Check out A Step In the Journey’s hints for peel and stick tile!


I figured that since I would be collecting laundry change, I might as well have someplace cute to put it. This handy laundry room change jar will hang next to my dryer making me smile during the daily misery of laundry time. Of course, I just had to use one of my all-time favorite movie quotes.


Images from Tried & True.

For the full instructions visit Tried & True.





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