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31 Cheap Tricks to Improve Your Bathroom

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A bathroom is the one room in the house that can be really difficult to decorate. If you go into any friend’s home and check out their bathroom, you will find that typically it’s just like everyone else’s. Nothing outstanding. It may have a pretty shower curtain and rug but nothing else that makes it appealing.

We think your bathroom should be just as special as every other room in your house, which is why we like this list of 31 things you can do to make your bathroom one of your favorite rooms. None of these require much money, and most are easy to do, so take a look and pick two or three to start with. Before you know it you’ll be wanting to show that room off!

To see the list of 31 cheap tricks for making your bathroom the best room in the house, go over to Buzzfeed and enjoy!

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