A Cool Bag Made From Race Bibs DIY

I love this upcycle project!  I’m kicking myself for not saving all my race bibs.  This DIY bag idea is a great use of all the old bibs.  The paper used is actually very strong and durable.  The bag you make can be taken to your future races.  No more throwing those bibs out.  Thanks to Living Acoustically for the idea.

Having done a number of running races, I’ve accumulated a pile of race bibs, as well as medals on various kinds of ribbon. I’m not one to stockpile things I’m not using and wondered what they might be good for after a while.

After repurposing some food and beverage wrappers into bags and other items, I thought these would make a cool tote bag as well.

I’m sharing instructions and photos for other crafty people who have been saving these up.  It’s a great way to put them to good use while creating a unique bag that brings back positive memories, and keeps materials that aren’t easily recycled out of landfills. (Race t-shirts are great material for bags you can make with one shirt easily and quickly)

1. Gather race bibs and ribbon from race medals, and an old tyvek envelope if you have one. Lay out race bibs in order to be sewn.


Images from Living Acoustically.

For the full instructions Living Acoustically.

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