A Super Football-Shaped Tiramisu Cake For The Super Bowl DIY

Spoil your Super Bowl fans with this DIY football-shaped tiramisu cake this Sunday.  People will think you worked for hours on this quick and easy dessert.  If you want to show your teams colors like blue and orange (GO BRONCOS!)  do it in the frosting.  Thanks to People for the delicious recipe.

Tiramisu might not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Super Bowl food, but hear us out here.

This no-bake, football-shaped confection feeds a crowd and takes just 15 minutes to throw together (though it does require some chill time in the fridge, so you probably want to think a day ahead). Other pros: It looks super cool, its message is on-brand, and, most importantly, it tastes fantastic.

Most tiramisu recipes use raw egg yolks to thicken the cream, and while we’re not opposed to a minuscule salmonella risk for the sake of a sugar fix, we found it tastes even better without it — the yolkless version yields a light and airy dream dessert.

To booze it up, we used hazelnut liqueur, but you can leave it out altogether or substitute whatever you’ve got on hand…rum, brandy, amaretto, or Irish cream would not be a bad idea.

Watch the video above to see exactly how it’s done, then make it for your Super Bowl party — it will be the star of the show (but please don’t tell Beyoncé we said that).


Images from People.

For the entire recipe visit People.

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