Visit Mexico With This DIY Delicious Fundido

I am in love with Mexican food and need to expand my menu from tacos and enchiladas.  I had never heard of fundidos until I took a cruise to Mexico and this DIY treat brings back memories.  What’s better than hot cheesy dip with tortilla chips and a margarita at the beach?  Thanks to Mexico In My Kitchen for this food fiesta.

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It’s one of those things that you look forward to when eating at a steakhouse in Mexico. Your mouth waters just of the anticipation of the little side dishes like the guacamole, tortilla chips, warm flour tortillas, and roasted salsa served in the molcajete. And then it comes out in a little hot iron or clay container, bubbling, steaming, and sometimes flaming: the melted cheese. All that gooey, stringy cheese just waiting to be scooped up onto your tortilla!
But steakhouses aren’t the only place where people eat “Queso Fundido”, it’s also often an important dish in barbecue parties, where the cheese is placed in a small clay or metal skillet to be melted on top of the grill along with some tortillas. This is usually your appetizer while you finish grilling the meat.
Queso Fundido is usually made with Asadero, Menonite, Manchego or Chihuahua cheeses. These cheeses are hard to find outside of Mexico, and some good substitutes are Mozzarella, Monterrey Jack, Muenster or Oaxaca. This last one can be found now in Latin grocery stores.
The recipes aren’t that different from one region to another. The most common recipe is the one with fried chorizo, but you can also find ones with roasted poblano strips or  sliced mushrooms. There is another version that has the chorizo with a mix of tomato, onion, and pepper.
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For full recipe visit Mexico In My Kitchen.


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