Add Lovely Board And Batten To A Wall DIY

This DIY board and batten project is cheap and easy to do.  It’s great for those who want a bit of change to a room but don’t want to commit to something big and expensive.  You can change one wall or do an entire room.  Thanks to Bless’er House for the great idea.

A 1x4x8 furring strip costs less than $2.00 at most hardware stores.  That’s 70% cheaper than MDF boards.  And they’re solid and ready to put up without any ripping.  It was still quite a tedious process, since it is board and batten after all, but it eliminated some extra steps. And I love how the whole project turned out.

Here’s what we used:  (Affiliate links provided below noted by asterisks.  For more information, see my disclosure here.)

Our hallway is very long, and we still ended up staying under our $100 budget.    Furring strips are da bomb diggity, y’all!

The Steps:

1.  We placed the boards (the horizontal 1x4s) at 65″ on our walls using a level, with the top of the 1×4 at the 65″ mark from the top of our existing baseboard.

(I tried my best to remember to take pictures as we worked but this was definitely a two person job.)


Images from Bless’er House.

For the full instructions visit Bless’er House.

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