A Sweet Surprise For Santa DIY

What a great way to spoil Santa and his reindeer!  This DIY Santa cookie tray is so cute he won’t be able to resist.  Each child in your home can make their own sign to leave a personal message.  The sign uses chalkboard paint so the message can be changed every year.  The Easter Bunny might enjoy a tray as well.  Thanks to DesignThusiasm for the cute idea.

We started with a super cute plastic Christmas Plate we found at our local Dollar Tree. To turn it into a decorative chalkboard we painted the center with Chalkboard Paint. Keeping it a fast & easy DIY project, we painted the chalk paint freehand. If you look close, you can see the edges are not perfect but that’s more than ok with us… and we are sure Santa won’t mind either.

After the chalkboard paint is thoroughly dry, it’s time to write a message to Santa using an opaque paint marker. Don’t stress if you make a mistake (see any mistakes in the picture?! LOL), it’s an easy fix with a little touch up chalkboard paint & a small brush. Just remember to let it dry.


Images from DesignThusiasm.

For the full instructions visit DesignThusiasm.

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