An Awesome Wood Slat Door Mat To Keep Things Clean DIY

A DIY wood slat door mat is great for cleaning shoes and keeping floors clean.  The dirt scraped off shoes falls in between the slats and collects underneath the mat.  Pick up the mat and sweep away all that mess.  Thanks to Hawthorne and Main for the neat and useful design.

Have you even been dumpster diving……or even road side picking? It really is so much fun…

You know the one, you are driving down the road and it’s almost like the clouds part and rays of light start shinning down.  You do the full head turn as you drive past to get a really good look at it.

You quickly flip the car around….paying no attention to traffic laws and start to do your happy dance in your seat as you pull up to it.

You can’t hardly believe what you just scored!!

Well…… I just had an amazing score like this the other day.

Which, might not be so amazing, other than the fact that people don’t really leave stuff curbside here.  Like….never…. ever…..  I don’t get it.

I have very few finds like this so I have to be extra excited when it does happen! I cannot wait to show you what I picked up!!

In other news…

There has been an enormous amount of new homes being build by my house.  I cannot believe the amount of good wood that they throw into the dumpster.  The other day we asked them if we could have some of the wood, they were happy to let us have whatever we wanted….I was doing my happy dance, again.

So, although the wood wasn’t exactly an amazing find, I was still able to make this cool simple wood slat door mat all from discarded wood. yay!


– 10 Wood piece cut to 22.5 inches long

– Drill with a 5/8″ drill bit


-Wood Stain

-White Paint

-18 Nuts



-Table Saw (optional)


Images from Hawthorne and Main.

For the full instructions visit Hawthorne and Main.

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