A Great Way To Hang A Poster Like Art DIY

This DIY poster hanger makes a poster look more like a piece of art.  The best way to attach the poster to the wood is by using glue or staples.  If you prefer to keep the poster mark free use acid-free artist tape like you would use on photographs.  Thanks to The Logbook for the idea.

I am excited to share with you this easy project for a quick update.  I know when some of you hear “easy” with “project” or “craft” you roll your eyes.  But trust me.  This one is very easy.

I found this beautiful poster when shopping in Estes Park, CO.  I loved everything about it, and it was an amazing steal.  {hindsight: should have bought extras}  This poster is about 20 inches by 30 inches.  But in reality this project will work with any size print or poster.

To start I went to the hardware store and had them cut two pieces of wood for me, each 20 inches long.  I used an 1/8 by 1 size piece of wood.

Then I threaded some wooden beads onto twine.  I used a 40 inch piece of twine because I wanted to double it up. {My beads are from here, but you can find them at most craft stores.}


Images from The Logbook.

For the full instructions visit The Logbook.

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