DIY Lovely Antique Bathtub Tray

I enjoy using a bathtub tray but my metal one has rusted.  This DIY bathtub tray will hold up to water.  It even looks nice sitting on the tub when you are not enjoying that much deserved bath.  If you prefer paint instead of stain, I say go for it?  Thanks to Snippets of Design for making bath time more relaxing.

For years I have been admiring bathtub shelves.

Have you seen them?

They fit across your bathtub & hold things like books, magazines, candles, food, drinks, yep, pretty much anything you want.

{and in my case, where my bathtub is too big to use alone,  it could even be used as leverage to stay in the water…hehe}

I like the ones made out of wood.

Like this one that I have been DRUELING over for YEARS…

I just barely, {literally 2 minutes ago} discovered it was from Etsy.

Peg and Awl sells it for $130.

It is so beautiful and amazing…awwww…

& Every-time I saw them, my mind saw something like this:

I am not even {honestly} that much of a bath person.

But there was something about these AMAZING shelves that made me want to LIVE in my bathtub.

My bathtub, however, is at least the size of two regular bathtubs put together.

In fact, In order to take a bath alone, I  have to position my legs “just so” against the side of the tub so I don’t float away!

Ha Ha! *blush*blush*

{So, I of course figured, a  shelf would be GREAT for leverage as well}

It was of course apparent however, that I couldn’t just buy a regular bathtub shelf.

I knew it would do me NO GOOD AT ALL.


Images from Snippets of Design.

For full instructions visit Snippets of Design.

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