“Build” Your Own Cool Storage Boxes With Shims and Cardboard DIY

Do you struggle with a hammer and nails?  Then this lovely DIY distressed wooden box project is for you.  It is such a clever way to “build” a wooden storage box.  I love it when shims can be put to a great use.  Paint, stencil or stain your finished project.  Thanks to So Lovely Creations for the cool idea.

Hello! Im back!
I’ve been dying to share this super, cute and inexpensive project! My husband created shelves in my kitchen. We had originally thought of making it a computer desk, but didn’t like the idea at the end. I decided to add shelves in that area. We are still not completely finished with the shelves, but hopefully within the next 3 weeks.
I went to several stores looking for cute, distressed baskets but was surprised at how expensive they were. The least expensive wooden baskets were 26.99 for the style that I wanted and still seemed to small. I needed 8 boxes that were at least 12 inches tall. That was way too much for me at the moment for baskets.
I went to Home Depot and walked around for about 20 minutes. I then came across a section where they had Cedar Shims. I had never heard of Cedar Shims, but were the perfect material and size to create the boxes.
Images from So Lovely Creations.
For the full instructions visit So Lovely Creations.

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