Delicious Raspberry Filled Muffins DIY

This DIY raspberry filled muffins recipe is great because it’s really easy to change the flavor.  It starts with a tasty basic muffin recipe and the filling can be whatever you crave.  I’m going to try lemon curd in mine!  Thanks to What Meegan Makes for the delicious recipe idea.

One of our favorite times during the Holidays is Christmas brunch. We have biscuits and gravy, bacon, eggs, french toast, egg nog and Raspberry Filled Muffins. They seem to be the thing that all the kids want. I make them from scratch. They are light and filled with the sweetness of raspberries, then topped with a sugary glaze. Mmmm..So yummy.

I am usually pretty tight lipped about this recipe, but I think everyone needs to have it in their file. Especially for family gatherings.

The aroma from my freshly baked Raspberry Filled Muffins will fill your home and your families comfort food cravings.

Since I don’t have my home made freezer jam, I am gong to use Sweet Creek Raspberry Spread.

Occasionally I will make the same recipe using blackberry spread. But, my family like raspberries over any other berry. So, that is what I will go with today.


Images from What Meegan Makes.

For the entire recipe visit What Meegan Makes.

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