DIY Beautiful Faux Tile Headboard That’s As Easy As 1-2-3

A great and fun way to change up your bedroom is to change the headboard.  This is so inexpensive and easy that you can change it as often as you like.  The DIY faux tile headboard can be painted or left in it’s original state.  I think painting it black then using a white wash over the top will give it a lovely distressed look.  Thanks to Sweet C’s Designs for the fun project.

I have been slowly changing our master bedroom from a- well- frat looking room of random stuff- into a space that is comfortable, calm, and a refuge.

Oh, yea- and on a budget. Like, a razor thin budget with little wiggle room.

So I thought up a super fun and SO easy way to get a cute headboard in minutes- with a faux tile look. And seriously- even your kids could do this. This Faux Tiled Headboard is the perfect solution for dorm rooms, renters, or people who would like a lightning fast mounted looking headboard that you can make without ANY DIY skills.

I’m linking to a bunch of products here, but I am not an affiliate for any of them, and this post was 100% non sponsored. Just so you know, I’m making nothing off of these recommendations- I just love all this stuff. 

So, heres my secret…..

I’m using foam faux tiles! These run anywhere from $1-$5 online, and sometimes qualify for free shipping. I happened to stumble across them on sale, so I didn’t pay shipping and buying 12 was exactly $12. Right now they are running about $2, and include $7 shipping- so it is still very affordable.

And Scotch Mounting Tape (here’s a link for a HUGE roll– you could also use Scotch mounting squares- I used one that was $5 (though I already had it on hand, so I am not including it in the product costs- I had used it for something else and happened to have it and the Killz on hand- and it was way more than enough for 8 tiles).

I then painted them with some spare Killz (you do need to paint these as they will be slightly see-through where your adhesive is, and you can see the line very visibly without paint). The texture of these tiles are SUPER forgiving- I just quickly slapped on a coat with a broad brush, and it looked great with just one 5 minute application.

If you’d like a faux metal look, you could spray them with hammered metal effect spray paint (it goes on beautifully), or I really like Martha Stewart’s metallic paints, though getting even brushstrokes will add time to your painting.


Images from Sweet C’s Designs.

For the full instructions visit Sweet C’s Designs.

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