[Video] DIY Ombre – Glitter or Painted Vase

If you like ombre projects, here are two techniques for doing an ombre vase or bottle. They each have a totally different look so you have a choice, depending on how you want your bottle or vase to come out, or you can just do both!

I have to say that usually I’m not a fan of glitter but I love the way the vase came out in this first project. Here is a short video showing how to use glitter to achieve an ombre effect on any glass container.

If you don’t want to go the glitter route but would rather use spray paint, here is how that looks.

spray paint ombre vase - DIYscoop.com

Spray the bottom of the bottle or jar so that it is completely covered, then as you come up the sides, hold the spray can further and further away so that the coverage and color gets lighter.

Image Source: I Spy DIY

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