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DIY Painted Faux Back Splash That Is Gorgeous

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I think this is such a fantastic idea!  This DIY painted faux back splash is definitely going on my project list.  Textured walls make the “tile” look realistic.  Using a sponge painting method will do that as well.  It’s an easy project but it does take some time and patience.  Thanks to Welcome to the Woods for a great idea.

To be honest, I’ve never done any updates to my kitchen except paint the walls. I have kind of always dreamed of having a white back splash. I looked into tiling it with marble or subway tiles (some of my favorites) and the process seemed like the perfect DIY project. That was until I searched for the tools I would need and the cheapest tile cutting saw I could find was $100. I’m not living in a high end house and I do not live in a high end neighborhood. I know a little something about resale value, and a $300 back splash would not be an update I would get my money’s worth. Besides, it is kind of scary to think about sinking that much money into a project you don’t know if you’ll like how it turns out.
So that brings us to the project I’m sharing with you today. In order to create the look of a back splash and see if I would really even like what I was thinking of, I painted a faux tile on my walls! This project was long but yielded great results! And I happily did this project for a total cost of $2 since most tools (paintbrush, frog tape, etc) I had left over from other projects. The paint I picked up for free at my local HHW facility. Here’s the tutorial if you’d like to try this some day yourself!

Prep your wall and tape off back splash

The prep work is very important! First I washed the walls to remove any food residue. Then I taped off the area to be painted as back splash, making sure to use a level for straight lines. One trick is to use a butter knife to push your tape into hard to reach places.
For me, prepping also included sanding with a fine grit paper because I have a high gloss paint on my kitchen walls. Sanding ensures proper adhesion when the new layer of paint goes on. And finally, I washed the walls again.

Images from Welcome to the Woods.

For full instructions visit Welcome to the Woods.

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