DIY Wristlet Keychain Is A Fabulous Idea

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I’m not really a purse toting girl on a day to day basis.  My cell phone case holds credit cards but what about these pesky keys?  This DIY wristlet keychain is such a fantastic idea!  I’m actually going to make one today.  I don’t sew much so I will either use hot glue or fabric glue.  Thanks to Live Craft Love for the great idea!

I love keychain wristlets. They come in so handy when you are carrying in a bunch of bags from the grocery store. Just hang it on your wrist and you now have 2 hands free for all the bags and you won’t lose your keys in the process. The one I’ve been using had definitely seen better days and since I had a brand new sewing machine that I wanted to take for a spin, I decided to make myself a new DIY keychain wristlet.

DIY Keychain Wristlet Supplies:


Images from Live Craft Love.

For the full instructions visit Live Craft Love.

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