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Hang a Watering Can That Pours Crystals

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Whimsical garden decorations can add a lot of charm to your yard. It spruces it up so it doesn’t look so ho-hum like everyone else’s generic yard. They add personality which is why I like them so much. This watering can that looks like it’s always pouring crystals is no exception. As long as you can find an old watering can and some crystals, it’s easy to make.

The crystals used in this project came from an old chandelier but you can find crystals at Michaels and most craft stores that work just as well. These are charming because they’re not all the same size and shape. Use strands of varying lengths so it looks like water pouring.

To add the crystals to your can, you will need to pry off the rim. If your can is really old, be sure to work carefully so that you don’t damage it. Once the rim is removed, you can string your crystals up through the watering holes and secure them on the other side. There are a couple of ways you can do this. One, you can use a short pencil or stick to tie the strings around, or put the end of the wire or string through an old bead, thread the wire back through the bead and knot it.

When the crystals have been attached, used a pair of pliers to crimp the rim back onto your can. Then just find somewhere to hang it where the sun will hit the crystals.

Project and Image Source: Crafts by Amanda

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