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Ideas for Using Old Chairs as Yard Art

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If you have a yard, or a flower garden, and you love unique ways to showcase flowering plants, then never throw away an old chair again. They are perfect for using as decoration, especially as a backdrop for big masses of gorgeous flowers.

If you need some inspiration as to how you can take a wooden or metal chair and turn it into a pot holder or a planter, then take a look at these different chairs and how they’re being used as garden art. You can cut a hole in the seat, so it won’t matter if the seat isn’t in good condition, and put a pot down into it. Or plant succulents using chicken wire and a coir lining.

Chairs don’t have to hold flowers to be yard art. Just painting them in a bright color or adding a patterned cushion will add a splash of color. Small metal chairs that may be rusting are perfect for that, especially after a new coat of paint.

Melissa J. Will, a.k.a the Empress of Dirt, shows how beautifully chairs can help your yard look more enticing.

Project and Image source: Empress of Dirt



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