Make a 3 Dimensional Paper Lantern

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Paper crafts can be a lot of fun, especially when they turn out as pretty as these 3 dimensional lanterns. They are a simple project to make and all that’s required is paper, and either a drinking glass, a jar, or a vase, as long as it has a straight side to wrap the paper around.

So much prettier than just a candle, you can make them to glow in different colors by wrapping colored vellum paper around the glass first. They would also make great gifts so the next time you find yourself short a gift to take, grab one of these.

The easiest way to cut the paper is with a Silhoutte Portrait machine, which does it for you automatically. If you’re not lucky enough to have one (I don’t), then simply use an X-ACTO knife or small, very sharp scissors and cut the template out by hand.

Ananda from A Piece of Rainbow created this project and she even offers free templates on her site that you can download to use. To see her tutorial go to A Piece of Rainbow. A few months later she made a second set of templates available and you can get them on her site HERE. Be sure to thank her for her generosity!

Images are from A Piece of Rainbow.



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