Make a Fold-Down Outdoor Buffet or Bar

If you enjoy spending time and entertaining outdoors, then you’ll enjoy having a fold-down cabinet that can be purposed either as a buffet or a bar. This is patterned after Murphy beds that fold up when not in use. These simply hang on the wall outside, or even inside, and then you let the table down when you’re ready to use it. Simple but oh, so handy. Plus it keeps everything in one place so you don’t have to keep running inside.

Here are three different ideas for this project, and they all can be used either as a buffet or as a bar, so pick the one that fits your needs the best and enjoy!

1. Fold-Down Bar

make a fold-down

Although shown as a bar, it is well-suited to be used as a buffet or to hold your BBQ accessories.

Image and Project source, and complete tutorial can be found at This Old House.

2. Fold-Down Buffet Cabinet

outdoor fold-down buffet-

These two projects are very similar. This one is not as deep as the first, and the top shelf is available to be used. Painting or staining will help protect against the weather.

Source with complete tutorial can be found at Home Depot. They also have a downloadable PDF.

3. Pallet Fold-Down Bar

pallet fold-down bar-

This project doesn’t have a tutorial but it is available for custom build from Lake Highlands Pallet Creations in Dallas, TX. If you like using pallets then you can make this easily using one of the tutorials above. I like the stained one better!

Image Source: Lake Highlands Pallet Creations



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