DIY Color Blocked Cords

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When I saw these color block cords I knew I had to do this with my phone charger cord. I’ve found that it’s easy to leave my charging cable behind when traveling so making it hard to miss will help me remember to pack it.

I’m sure there are numerous ways to do this but I like the way both of these look. This first one was done on a black cord using electrician and washi tape.

black and white color block-

You could also use white duct tape but the washi tape definitely makes the plug look really cool. You can even decorate the back of your phone or phone case with the washi tape to match. If your cord is white, use black electrical tape.

This color block is done with colored duct tape. I think using different colors of washi tape for the blocking would look really cool as well.

color block

color blocking steps

So many choices!

Both of these projects are from I Spy DIY.  Source of black and white bblock cord: I Spy DIY.   Source of color block project: I Spy DIY



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