8 Creative Ideas Using Cinder Blocks

I thought cinder blocks and concrete blocks were the same until I found these projects and discovered that cinder blocks are quite a bit lighter. This is because of the materials that are added to the concrete when they’re being made,┬ábut it also makes them the perfect choice for many different fun projects where you don’t want or need the weight of concrete blocks.

Here are some of my favorite cinder block projects.

1. Painted Cinder Block Shelves

white cinder block shelves-DIYscoop.com

Painting the block and the shelves makes it all look much more pulled together, and white gives them a clean look.

Source: Pinterest

2. Outside Bench Seating

cinder block outdoor seating- DIYscoop.com


Eric shared this project with Cherise from Ispaci. Eric built this seating on his outside patio for having friends over to BBQ. He is adding cushions to the benches, which are made with 2×2’s and cinder blocks.

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