Make An Adorable Winter Hat From An Old Sweater DIY

I love projects that use an old sweater.  I hate to throw them out!  You can make a fun and cute hat out of a sweater with this easy DIY project.  If you don’t like the pom pom, leave it off.  Or make the pom pom extra large.  Thanks to The Merrythought for the great idea.

Trying to survive Western New York winter can be tricky. Snow is beautiful for a while but it drags on and on and I’m usually ready for spring after a couple weeks of snow. I’ve been making the most of it by trying to come up with projects and activities to make me embrace the chilly weather a bit more since it’ll probably be sticking around until April. Making a winter hat was on my list of DIY projects and when I found an awkward fitting sweater with a great pattern on it at Salvation Army, I knew it would be perfect for this project!


Images from The Merrythought.

For the full instructions visit The Merrythought.

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