Make Paper Peonies With Cupcake Wrappers

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Wouldn’t these paper peonies make a beautiful  bouquet in a vase or as a centerpiece? They’re also perfect for Mother’s Day coming up. You could make them for mom and the nice thing is, they won’t wilt and have to be thrown away in a few days.

Part of what makes these so cute is that they’re made with Martha Stewart’s Vintage Girl Cupcake Wrappers, which are beautiful by themselves and can be used for other things besides just cupcakes and flowers. Here they are used as wrappers for quiche appetizers.

vintage girl cupcake wrappers-

They come in a light and a dark shade of pink, which look perfect when used together as flowers.

You can purchase the Vintage Girl Cupcake Wrappers on Amazon,at Joann Fabrics. or online here.

Here is a picture tutorial by Lia Griffith.

paper peonies with cupcake wrappers tutorial-

Image and project source: Lia Griffith

Quiche photo credit: Stacy Molter






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