Tasty Bacon And Cheddar Bagels DIY

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Do you want a tasty bagel?  Try making homemade bacon and cheddar bagels with this DIY recipe.  They are perfect for breakfast, lunch or a yummy snack.  I like the idea of making my own bagels.  Start with a basic recipe and add your favorite ingredients for something different.  Thanks to Far From Normal for the recipe.

You may be thinking that homemade bagels would be hard.

Or way too time consuming.

Maybe you think that store-bought ones are just fine so why make your own.

Erase these thought from your head people, they’re not too hard, and unless you have a great bakery near you they blow store-bought bagels out of the water.

Believe me… I made 4 batches in one weekend. Mostly because I kept thinking of great new combinations and wanted to try them out!

It started when I came across this basic bagel recipe I had pinned from my fellow blogger over at Six Figures Under. She has an awesome step by step photo tutorial if you need the visual with the directions.

I decided to give them a try… and then I went a little crazy. But in an entirely carb filled, chewy bagel goodness kind of way.

These were a big favorite so I had to share them. They’re great for breakfast, or sliced and made into a sandwich for lunch… or as a snack any time!


Images from Far From Normal.

For the entire recipe visit Far From Normal.

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