Yummy French Dip Crescent Rolls DIY

I’m ready to make these french dip crescent rolls for my family tonight.  This DIY recipe would also be perfect for a dish to take to a gathering.  You can always change up the main ingredients.  There are so many tasty things to make with crescent rolls.  Thanks to Mama Loves Food for this delicious idea.

I love a French Dip. I love a Crescent Roll. The two together? Marriage made in food heaven. No joke, folks. This is a good one. French Dip Crescents for the win!

UPDATE (original article written 2012, update 2015):

So, I have to laugh a little about this recipe.  The idea for it came to me on one of those lingering trips to the grocery store right after my daughter (#4) was born.  You know, the ones where you finally get away by yourself and just can’t quite bear the idea of returning home to the chaos just yet.
Anyway, I circled back around to the deli for the third (okay, fourth) time, and spotted the expensive lunch meat.  Which was decidedly out of budget at the time.  I was thinking nostalgically about our pre-baby long lunch days at a favorite local joint.  I always got the french dip. Mmmmm.  And *boom* there it was.  A moment of pure culinary genius.
Images from Mama Loves Food.
For the full recipe visit Mama Loves Food.

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